Nano Mineral Crystal Activated Carbon Tests <1> Overview

We are curious about how well Nano Mineral Crystal Activated Carbon can work as deodorizer in various working conditions. This is a sequence of blog posts that we will post tests we have done to satisfy our curiosity. 

Test Detector:

We use an IGERESS Indoor air quality detector which was purchased from Amazon. The detector is calibrated before we conducting each round of test. 

Test Environment:

We use a big glass jar which has a glass lid, and the total volume is about 2 gallons. 

Test procedure:

  • Start: put the calibrated detector into the jar, turn on video camera
  • Put a small piece of test sample (often it is a small piece of paper towel with one drop of testing liquid) into the jar, wait until the detector reaches to a stable reading, or max out (if so, take the sample out before inserting the deodorizer).
  • Put the testing deodorizer in, monitor and video tape the detector until the reading goes back to the minimum value. 
  • Measure time it takes for the detector's HCHO maximum to minimum. When comparing different deodorizers, the minimum value is also a factor for comparison.