Nano Mineral Crystal Activated Carbon

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Reduce paint odors, Adsorb formaldehyde, 2 bags good for 150 sqft

Eliminate Odors and Moisture

Remove smoke, odors, TVOC

Unscented, Non-toxic, Chemical Free, Eco-Friendly

Extra long life span: Rejuvenate in sunlight

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Smoke Adsorption Test

Odor and Moisture Removal Test

Formaldehyde Adsorption Test


Effective odor ABSORBER! (No masking here!)

Aside from this product being adorable (arrived just as pictured), it’s also super effective at absorbing odors! I put this in my fridge since, even with Tupperware, “leftover” odors of garlic, onions and peppers are always lingering. Within 2 days, my fridge was completely rid of food odors and actually smells clean/pleasant. I really like that this product doesn’t give off any masking fragrance of its own, and is apparently reusable! I can’t wait to try the reuse/reactive feature, will update when the time comes, but overall definitely satisified with this product and plan on buying a few more for my car/gym bag :)

b$tarks55 (Amazon Review)

I ordered three of these. They arrived quickly. I put two in our bathroom since we are trying to conserve water and not use Yosemite snowmelt to flush the toilet after every pee. Plus the fact that I have two young boys who are not the most accurate in their targeting -- our bathroom stinks a lot at times. These little bags of activated charcoal beads really seem to help neutralize bad odors. I like the fact that they are fragrance-free and virtually ever-lasting since you can refresh them every few months by putting them in sunlight for a few hours. It's also good that they absorb harmful chemicals that may be odorless (I put one in the kids' room). The linen bags they came in are simple and elegant, add a nice decorative touch.

Li Zhu (Amazon Review)

I was skeptical, but this product really works! It completely absorbs any household (or auto) odors and is non noticeable. It, has no odors, itself, at all and is pleasing to the eye with the adorable linen bag, just as pictured.  I had some scents from my basement that seem to be from it being "unfinished" that I did not like, and this item completely removed it. Prior, I had been trying to use essential oils, candles, etc. to cover up the odor and was unsuccessful. This item removed all odors. I, also, had a smell in my car from carting around some "sweaty" kids (you know that athletic smell!) and this item completely removed it! Wish I'd known about it years earlier when I was carting around hockey equipment, soccer shoes, wrestling gear, etc.! I LOVE that I can put it in the sun each month to freshen it up and bring it new life-- a life expectancy of 3 years os pretty good for a $9.99 item! I highly recommend this!! I have one in my car, living room, and bedroom.

Michele Bourgeois